Educator Resources

Educators attending a special breakfast honoring their dedication and accomplishment during National Events
Dr. Thomas Schutte, President of Pratt Institute and a Scholastic Awards alum, welcomes educators at a special breakfast honoring their dedication and accomplishments during National Events in New York City

The critical role of educators in bringing the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards to their students and supporting them throughout the process of submitting work cannot be overstated. Educators, in so many ways, are the driving force behind the Awards as they work side-by-side with their students, helping them select and perfect their best work to submit. Educators also are the encouraging voice that give students the motivation and courage to participate.

Because the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers knows that educators are so important to the success of their students, they are honored alongside their students at local celebrations and at the annual National Ceremony in New York City. Educators of regional Gold and Silver Key recipients receive educator pins during the ceremonies, and educators of National Medalists receive Gold and Silver Medals just like their students.  One of the most rewarding moments for those of us who are involved in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program is to witness students cheering for their teachers in these public venues. It’s a moment that educators cherish and have rare occasion to experience.

Educator Guides

The Scholastic Awards value the work our educators do in and outside of the classroom to help their students develop a lifelong appreciation of art and writing. We’ve partnered with leaders in the education field to create guides to help educators facilitate discussions about art and writing in their classrooms and provide critical-thinking activities.

Awards for Educators

In addition to medals, educators receive Certificates of Recognition and the chance to receive cash educator awards and gift certificates. We also mail Certificates of Recognition to principals at schools of nationally recognized students and educators.

GOLDEN Educators Residency

Art educators with a student who received recognition in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have the chance to participate in a two-week artists’ residency in a sylvan setting in upstate New York.

Writer’s Retreat for Educators

Two educators will be invited to participate in a five-day writing retreat where they will have the opportunity to write about anything they want, without criticism or evaluation, and interact with other educators and writers.

The Best Teen Art and The Best Teen Writing

Publications featuring a selection of the best art and writing submitted to the Scholastic Awards by teens are printed and distributed to students, educators, arts and literary organizations, and libraries.

The Best Teen Art is available for download, and educators can download past editions of our annual anthology of student writing, The Best Teen Writing, for their classroom. The current volume of The Best Teen Writing is available for purchase on

Call for Submissions Poster

Our Call for Submissions poster contains information about the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and is great for hanging in classrooms, guidance counselor offices, art and writing departments, and wherever kids are creating. Download the poster and share it with colleagues, students, and parents!

Be You! Be Original!

The most important criteria students must consider when submitting to the Scholastic Awards is originality. Educators can download a short explanation of what we mean by Be You! Be Original! for distribution to their students before submitting work to the Scholastic Awards.