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National Student Poets Program

The Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers partner to present the National Student Poets Program, the nation’s highest honor for young poets (grades 10–11) creating original work. Annually, five students are selected for one year of service, each representing a different geographic region of the country. The Program believes in the power of youth voices to create and sustain meaningful change, and supports them in being heard.

How to Apply

The first step to becoming a National Student Poet is submitting poetry to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Students in grades 10–11 who receive a Gold Key in the poetry category may be nominated for the National Student Poets Program.

In the Community

Each year, National Student Poets act as youth poetry ambassadors, spreading poetry to their communities through individual service projects, April Poetry Month readings and workshops, and a variety of other opportunities, such as national poetry conferences, galas, and festivals.

As part of their Year of Service, each National Student Poet creates a community service project, expanding the reach of the Program by engaging audiences in their region around issues and themes that hold special significance for the Poet.

Meet The Poets


The Class of 2023 chapbook is available to view online or download as a PDF.

Special Thanks

The National Student Poets Program is supported, in part, by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Hearthland Foundation, and the Academy of American Poets.