Class of 2012 Year of Service

Luisa Banchoff

Washington-Lee High School, Arlington, VA; Southeast Region

Luisa led a workshop for underserved seventh graders at a middle school in Fairmont, AL, in conjunction with her participation in the National Writing Project’s Urban Sites Network Conference in Birmingham. Prior to the event, the Alliance worked with the Red Mountain Writing Project to develop outcomes, workshop content and format, and secure media presence. For Luisa, this experience reinforced her belief in the power of poetry as an accessible medium for unique self-expression.

Miles Hewitt

Vancouver School of the Arts and Academics, Vancouver, WA; West Region

Miles worked with homeless youth through At Home At School (AHAS), a project of Washington State University, Vancouver. Miles collaborated with AHAS to ensure that his work met the goals of his service proposal, and the Alliance provided mentors for Miles through the Oregon State Writing Project. Miles was delighted with the children’s willingness to write and engage in the workshop.

Claire Lee

Chapin School, New York, NY; Northeast Region

Claire developed and led a series of poetry workshops for third and fourth grade classes at the East Harlem Tutorial Program. The Alliance provided workshop resources and coordinated media presence.

Natalie Richardson

Oak Park and River Forest High School, Oak Park, IL; Midwest Region

Natalie partnered with the Chicago Area Writing Project to lead a workshop on slam poetry for high school teachers and received rave reviews.

Lylla Younes

Armand Hammer United World College of the American West, Alexandria, LA; Southwest Region

Lylla worked with students at the Santa Fe Indian School Spoken Word Program. Lylla connected with the program’s director to develop and design her presentation and her visit to the school. The students were inspired by her work, and the teacher of the Spoken Word program said her presentation enhanced the classroom curriculum. Lylla also engaged in a day-long presentation at the Rio Grande High School.