2019 National Art Jurors

The Scholastic Awards warmly thank the 2019 National Art Jurors. A cast of more than 100 art jurors, including curators, gallerists, artists, filmmakers, video game designers, educators, and more, evaluated Gold Key works submitted by talented students from across the country based on the following time-tested criteria: originality; technical skill; and the emergence of a personal voice or vision. Scroll down to learn more about the 2019 National Art Jurors.

Architecture & Industrial Design and Sculpture

Felix Batcup, Design Director for Scholastic ART

Amir Hariri

Christina Laguna De Leon

American Visions Award

Kenseth Armstead, creator of Master Work: Slaves of New York 1776

Anne Gaines, Dean, School of Art, Media and Technology at The New School

Christopher Thomas Kaczmarek

Art Portfolio

Olaronke Akinmowo, founder of the Free Black Woman’s Library

Katie Brickner

Mia Fineman, curator of Apollo’s Muse: The Moon in the Age of Photography

Gabriel de Guzman, Curator & Director of Exhibitions at Smack Mellon Gallery

Murray McKay

Mark O’Grady, past member at The Painting Center

Seph Rodney, staff writer and editor at Hyperallergic

Mario R. Rossero

Jean Shin, creator of Collections and Elevated

Antwaun Lamar Sargent

Sheila Smallwood

Miwako Tezuka

Best-in-Grade Award

Margaret El

Julie Marie Seibert

Ryan Lee Wong

Ceramics and Glass

Shane W. Evans, creator of Dreamstudio777, Oluizumz, and Mistyizumz

Borinquen Gallo (Instagram: @borinquengallo)

Lina Puerta (Instagram: @linapuertaart)

Christopher Russell (Instagram: @snakesonpillows)

Civic Expression Award

Larry Brown, Jr.

Karl Henri Orozco

Katherine Schulten

Comic Art

Gregory Benton (Instagram: @gregorybenton)

Carlo Diego Quispe Blacklow

Jeremy Vu Nguyen (Instagram: @jeremywins)


Salome Asega

Paul Chevannes

Dorothy Dunn

Digital Art

Basem Aly

Grace Cho, founder of Artrepreneur

John Morning

Drawing & Illustration

Marc Brown

Christopher Cardinale, artist at Groundswell

Angel A. Garcia (Instagram: @angelgarciaart)

Juan Hinojosa

Matt Huynh (Instagram: @matty_huynh)

Steve S. Keene

Amy Ginette Kurzweil (Instagram: @amykurzweil)

Josh Neufeld

Lori Richmond

Jennifer Ann Schmidt

Janelle Sing (Instagram: @janellesing)

Nicolas Touron

Ivan Velez

Mark J. Wang

Editorial Cartoon

Chelsea Britain Carr

Matthew Keiland Parry Davies

Tom Motley, cartoonist and educator (Instagram: @cmot15)

Fashion & Jewelry

Ariel Adkins (Instagram: @artfullyawear)

Adrienne Jones

Jason Kass

Mauricio Cortes Ortega, artist at Open Lazo

Ava Forte Vitali

Film & Animation

Jordan Mary Bruner (Instagram: @jordanbruneryesplease)

Haik Hoisington

Elizabeth Wayne Hummer, mentor at BYkids

Johnny Ramos

Matthew David Thurber, creator of Mrs William Horsley

Paul W. Warner

Future New

Charlotte Cohen

DeLesslin Evans George-Warren

John Kudos

Middle School Submissions

Kim Defibaugh

Amanda Rose DeNatale, Associate Editor for Scholastic ART

Larissa Mellor

Jessica Moon

Jessica Ann Walker, Assistant Professor of Integrated Design at The New School

Aileen Wilson

Mixed Media

Lee Ann Adams, Assistant Director / Programs & Operations at AICAD, Executive Director at Association of Arts Administration Educators

Eli Morgan Brown

James Warhola

New York Life Award

Kyle Eng

Heide Ann Fasnacht

Frances Angela Fawundu

One Earth Award

Heather Cammarata-Seale

Carlos Enrique Martinez Ramos (Instagram: @kalos.martirezamors)

Lucianne Walkowicz, organizer of Decolonizing Mars and Just Space Alliance


Veronique Chagnon-Burke

Winston Chmielinski

Jason Coatney

Valerie Crosswhite, President at Poster House

Alexis Duque, featured artist in New American Paintings and LandEscape Art Review

Peter Hristoff

Charlotte L. Kent

Shazzi Thomas, Director at The Painting Center

Khalif Tahir Thompson (Instagram: @khaliftahir)


Mireya Acierto

Sebastiaan Bremer

Elizabeth Ferrer, Director of Contemporary Art at BRIC

Chrissie Iles

Daniel J. Napolitano, Founder of Art Force 5 and Chief Diversity Officer at Alfred University

Morgan O’Hara, Founder of Handwriting the Constitution

Clifford Owens

Jose Luis Castillo Pazos

Geno Rodriguez

Beowulf Sheehan

Laura K. Wiley-Donohue (Instagram: @lkate1224 and @rgabydesign)


Josh Drews, artist and arts educator

Christopher Kardambikis, host of the podcast Paper Cuts and Director of Navigation Press

Josh MacPhee, founder member of Justseeds Artist Cooperative and the Interference Archive

Video Game Design

Ben Norskov, Systems Lead at Antidote Games

Matthew David Parker

Susan G. Young, Chairperson of Associate Degree Programs at Pratt Institute