Resources for Gold Medalists

Congratulations, your child has received a National Award and is now a National Medalist! Please review the important documents below, and log in to their student account with them to complete the next steps.

Next Steps: Upcoming due dates, some as early as March 31

National Events Schedule: An overview of events in New York City, June 3–5

Your Media: Instructions and guidelines for required media uploads

Art Packing: If a student is selected to ship their artwork, a shipping label can be found in their student account. Please do not ship any artwork unless instructed.

Scholarship Guide: Advice on how to talk about your student’s award

Lifecycle of a National Medal Artwork: Comic explaining what happens to artworks that receive National Medals


□ Ship artwork by March 31
□ Print, sign, and submit your student’s Release Form by March 31
□ Upload your student’s Video Clips, Audio Messages, and Portrait by March 31
□ Reserve tickets for the National Ceremony by April 10
□ Confirm your reservation and print your ticket vouchers by May 8
□ Plan your travel and book your discounted hotel (optional) by May 8

National Medalists with a Special Achievement Award, please refer to the additional steps on your Special Achievement Awards Checklist.