Get Ready for the 2021 Awards

Ready to get started on your next great work? Don’t wait until September, start creating now!

Works created in the spring and summer are eligible to be submitted to the Awards in the fall. Over the years, we learned some tips and tricks from top Scholastic Award winners about how they prepare. Read on for tips for students and educators who are starting to prepare for the upcoming Awards year!

Tips for Students

Check Out Our Categories and Scholarship Opportunities for Inspiration

Figure out which category best describes your work and consider applying for our scholarships if your work discusses political engagement, grief and bereavement, or sci-fi themes.

Save Your Work from the Spring and Summer

Take pictures of your completed artwork now or save a digital copy of your written piece. This work is eligible to submit in the fall, so be sure to keep it safe between now and then!

Review, review, review!

Edit your work now and seek feedback from educators, family, and friends. Make sure you have a completed, polished piece to submit by September, and maybe get a few ideas for a new piece in the process!

Challenge Yourself

Test out different prompts available online to inspire your next piece. Even if a prompt doesn’t quite speak to you, it’ll get your creative juices flowing. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the assignment and add your own voice to the work!

Check Out Feedback from Jurors to Sharpen Your Finished Product

Prepare for the Digital Submissions Process

Watch our How to Submit videos so you know what to expect come September!

Tips for Educators

Familiarize Yourself with the Terms of Participation

Make sure your students are prepared to create original works for the Awards by reviewing the participation terms.

Check Out Our Educator Guides

Our educator guides include lesson plans! Find prompts to help students get started on a spread of topics including grief, political engagement, and sci-fi in the classroom.