The Best Teen Writing at the Art.Write.Now.DC Opening Ceremony

Bailey Bunick, Baboon in a Sunny Room, Painting. Grade 12, Age 17, Lake Oswego High School, Lake Oswego, OR. Katherine Brink, Educator

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are pleased to invite students whose work appears in The Best Teen Writing of 2018 and their families and educators to the opening ceremony for Art.Write.Now.DC, an exhibition of selected works from the 2018 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Students and educators are also invited to join a creative workshop.

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education Building
November 15, 2018, 8:30 am-1:15 pm

In order to attend the ceremony, you must RSVP by providing information about yourself and all the people who will be accompanying you to the opening ceremony. Please review these links carefully to register all guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following students’ work will be published in the annual anthology, The Best Teen Writing of 2018, edited by Romaissaa Benzizoune, 2016 Gold Medalist. Copies of the publication will be displayed in the lobby of the U.S. Department of Education’s main building in Washington, D.C.

Salihah Aakil
Sky People (Poetry)
Latifa Barnett, Educator

Akhiyar Abdi
Bulletproof Scarf (Poetry)
Marcy Gamzon, Educator

Danelle Antelo
Deconstruction (Poetry)
Jen Karetnick, Ariel Lewis, Educators

Madison Barker
My Voice, a Burden to You (Poetry)
Jen Karetnick, Ariel Lewis, Educators

Christopher Barlow
Fur Trading (Poetry)
Tasha Graff, Educator

Daniel Blokh
Synagogues from Sand (Three Shots Through the Window of a Synagogue in Indiana) (Poetry)
TJ Beitelman, Ashley Jones, Kwoya Maples, Educators

Neelam Bohra
Passion’s Fruits (Terrorist) (Writing Portfolio)
Alyssa Boehringer, Educator

Geoffrey Brann
The Coder’s Code (Journalism)
Tara Bandman, Brian Gutherman, Educators

Vicky Brown
Life Cycle of Things We Hold On To (Writing Portfolio)
Scott Gould, Alan Rossi, Mamie Morgan, Educators

Alexandra Byrne
“Just Another Day in Hurricane City”: Surviving Hurricane Irma (Journalism)
Kate Wernersbach, Educator

Daniela Ceja
Fixing A Whole (Short Story)
Erin Holtz, Educator

Crystal Centeno-Padilla
Where I’m From (Poetry)
Nicholas Shelke, Educator

Michael Cheng
Update to Community Regarding Rich White Liberal Suburban School District’s Sky High Test Scores (Humor)
Christina Minecci, Educator

Eunice Choi
Coffee (Flash Fiction)
Shira Harwood, Educator

Catarina Chung
Ten (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
Richard Weems, Educator

Annika Clark
Sarcophagus (Flash Fiction)
Andrea Clark, Murray Clark, Educators

Eliseo Corona
The Hope for the Best (Dramatic Script)
Brittany Hennessey, Educator

Alexis DePinho
Citric (Poetry)
Clay Guinn, Rachel Weissenstein, Educators

Kush Dhungana
The Application Experience (Writing Portfolio)
Susan Rothbard, Educator

Marley Duncan
Unqualified: A Women’s Glossary (Humor)
Rafael Sanchez, Educator

Leyla Ebrahimi
Transmissions from the Satellite Heart (Flash Fiction)
Tracy Peterson, Educator

Jackson Ehrenworth
Lannister Policies in Counter Insurgency (Critical Essay)
Ron Widelac, Educator

Isabella Eraula
At the Tone (Short Story)
Nicholas Geary, Nick Geary, Educator

Isabel Estrada
The Mexican-American Dictionary of Familial Communication (Personal Essay & Memoir)
Scott Gould, Educator

Georgia Flanders
Talk (Flash Fiction)
Lisa Cicoria, Educator

Ani Freedman
A Satire on Suburbia (Humor)
Eileen Turo, EducatorAnanya Ganesh
My Grandmother’s Bones (Personal Essay & Memoir)
Jennifer Dracos-Tice, Educator

Sophya Giudici-Juarez
Truths I’m Trying to Ignore (Personal Essay & Memoir)
Jen Karetnick, Ariel Lewis, Educators

Victoria Gong
Shaving Cream (Flash Fiction)
Emma Richardson, Educator

Kate Grayson
My Mother’s Favorite Drugstore Wine (Poetry)
Danielle DeTiberus, Francis Hammes, Elizabeth Hart, Educators

Georgia Greenblum
Through Grace’s Eyes (Journalism)
Chris Hawking, Educator

Simone Gulliver
The Waves (Short Story)
Eric Salehi, Educator

Charlie Hastings
Nothing but the Truth (Poetry)
Danielle DeTiberus, Francis Hammes, Elizabeth Hart, Educators

Luke Herzog
Fishbowl (Novel Writing)
Katie Selfridge, Educator

Devony Hof
Leaving Silence (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
Rodney Satterthwaite, Educator

Eileen Huang
American Girlhood (Six Definitions for American) (Writing Portfolio)
Alan Brown, Educator

Kalley Huang
Jones Beach (Personal Essay & Memoir)
Caitlin Donovan, Educator

Nahisha Jackson
Fruition (Blk Girl Depression) (Poetry)
Rick Clark, Educator

Sheharbano Jafry
Paola Gonzalez: A Dreamer in the Land of the Free (Journalism)
Rocio Gonzalez, Educator

Emily Jiang
How to Look More Asian: A Guide to Becoming an Exotic Geisha or Your Favorite K-pop Star (Humor)
Sandra Ascari, Educator

Nick Johnson
Embracing Frankenstein (Personal Essay & Memoir)
Lori Danker, Educator

Malachi Jones
Forget Us Not (Writing Portfolio)
Danielle DeTiberus, Francis Hammes, Elizabeth Hart, Educators

Rukmini Kalamangalam
Stories of Home (After Harvey) (Poetry)
Rachel Bohenick, Educator

Myra Kamal
Under the Shade of the Apple Tree (Personal Essay & Memoir)
Ellon Sears, Educator

Ty Kiatathikom
Burial (Short Story)
Leslie Arbetman, Educator

JeeHwan Kim
Breaking and Entering (Short Story)
Travis Feldman, Educator

Ryan Kim
This Is Us, It Always Has Been (Critical Essay)
Marigrace Cirringione, Educator

Sarena Kuhn
Stories I Might Tell When I Have a Daughter (Writing Portfolio)
Karen Yoshihara-Ha, Educator

Jessica Liu
Ocean Eyes (Flash Fiction)
John Howe, EducatorWilliam Lohier
Flying, Floating (Body Writings) (Poetry)
Maura Dwyer, Educator

Megan Lunny
Stovetop Glow (Flash Fiction)
Colleen Rosini, Educator

Zain Murdock
When Black Kids Time Travel, They Don’t– (Poetry)
Amanda Soesbee, Educator

Amma Otchere
Instructions for Building a Nation (Poetry)
Beth Larson, Educator

Osarugue Otebele
The Journey (Writing Portfolio)
Diana Gentry, Chandra Boddie, Educators

Meghna Pamula
The Permanence of Plastic (Critical Essay)
Caroline Lloyd, Educator

Sophie Paquette
Origin Story (Flash Fiction)
Mika Perrine, Joe Sacksteder, Educators

Mollie Pate
Kings of Men (Dramatic Script)
Danielle DeTiberus, Francis Hammes, Elizabeth Hart, Educators

Brinda Rao
Labor of Love (Short Story)
Angela Dixcy, Educator

Maya Robles
The Worst Kind of Goodbye (Dramatic Script)
Peter Elliott, Educator

Gabriel Sanchez Ainsa
Do Not Compare Me to a Summer’s Day (Humor)
Peter Elliott, Educator

Laila Shadid
Last Words (Personal Essay & Memoir)
Sarah Getchell, Educator

Julia Spande
What “Finsta” Culture Says About Modern Teenagers (Critical Essay)
Jim Incorvaia, Educator

Maxwell Surprenant
My Cousin Ethan (Personal Essay & Memoir)
David Cornish, Educator

Alexandra Swerdloff
Weekends on the Moon (Flash Fiction)
Jennifer McClain, Educator

Akilah Toney
Untitled (Poetry)
Lara Naughton, Educator

Noah Trevino
The Lunatic (Poetry)
Casey Curry, Educator

Amrita Vetticaden
Gwen (Flash Fiction)
Michelle Dyer, Educator

Kendall Vorhis
The Mourning Of (Poetry)
Nick Geary, Educator

Sam Wachman
The Sketchbook (Short Story)
Ariel Maloney, Educator

Triniti Wade
Cherry Seeds (Writing Portfolio)
Frederick Green, Educator

Trevor Zavac
Letter to My Substitute (Humor)
Bethany Zilligen, Educator

Nathan Zhao
Defrauding or Discriminating: the Constitutionality of Voter Identification Laws in the 21st Century (Critical Essay)
Patricia Halpin, Educator

Art Works Published in The Best Teen Writing of 2018

Grace Baldwin
Ladder (Drawing & Illustration)
Frank Phillips, Educator

Kyle Brown
Scatter Brain (Digital Art)
Brian Bolton, Educator

Bailey Bunick
Baboon in a Sunny Room (Painting)
Katherine Brink, Educator

Rachel Elliott
Our Lady of Perpetual Production (Printmaking)
Gillian Bailey, Educator

Cecilia Farrar
Opa’s Chair (Painting)
Stephanie Gauer, Educator

Elena Grant
Self-Portrait in Gold (Painting)
Stacy Rosende, Educator

Jacquelyn Hellyer
Waking up (Drawing & Illustration)
Michael Skura, Educator

Clara Krohn
Sun and Moon (Painting)
Jill Fortman, Educator

Yoo Sung Lee
A Luminous Night (Painting)
Yoonhee Chung, Educator

Rachel LeVine
Fracture (Photography)
Kristen Pineda, Educator

Angel Lin
See You Soon (Drawing & Illustration)
Hillary Hogue, Educator

Kallan Paulsen
Sentinel (Drawing and Illustration)
Christian Vandehaar, Educator

Julia Talbot
Moon Kingdom (Comic Art)
Candace Van Aken, Educator

Maggie Tyndall
Maggie (Drawing & Illustration)
Jana Miller, Educator

Lauren White
In the Woods (Drawing & Illustration)
Anna Bory-Ackers, Educator