Best Teen Writing at the Art.Write.Now.DC Opening Ceremony

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are pleased to invite students whose work appears in The Best Teen Writing of 2017 and their families and educators to the opening ceremony for Art.Write.Now.DC, a special exhibition of National Medalist work from the 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Students and educators are also invited to join a creative workshop on the day of the ceremony.

In order to attend the ceremony, you must RSVP by providing information about yourself and all the people who will be accompanying you to the opening ceremony. Please review these links carefully to register all guests.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education Building
400 Maryland Avenue S.W., Washington, D.C.
Across from the National Air & Space Museum

Friday, September 15, 2017 beginning at 10:00 am. Students are required to arrive by 10:30 am. Keep in mind it will take a few minutes to pass through security.

BRONWYN KATZ, Tropicana, Printmaking. Grade 12, Age 18, Paideia School, Atlanta, GA; Madeleine Soloway, Educator; 2017 Gold Medal Portfolio

The following students’ work will be published in the annual anthology, The Best Teen Writing of 2017, edited by Trace DePass, who received the Gold Medal Portfolio Award in 2015. Copies of the publication will be displayed in the lobby of the U.S. Department of Education’s main building in Washington, D.C.

Zainab Adisa
Sun Goddess (Poetry)Elisa Ady

Rebecca Agyei
Sanctuary On 811 Hansfeild Avenue (Short Story)

Sarah Baldino
Ammagaru (Short Story)

Peyton Barnes
Polycephaly (Painting)

Zara Batalvi
ABCD: American-Born Confused Desi (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Brenda Benton
Song of Our Soil (Flash Fiction)

Saira Bhatti
The Sand’s Silence (Short Story)

Daniel Blokh
To Walk On (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Joli Brown
Answers (Poetry)

Jahyde Bullard
Believe (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Zoey Carter
Pulse (Stonewall,1969) (Poetry)

Annie Castillo
Elegy for Summer Girl and Me (Poetry)

Emma Chan
Colors (Flash Fiction)

Carissa Chen
Teaching Little Girls to Turn Into Plastic Dolls (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Shang Chen
Bowls of Rice (Flash Fiction)

Sam Clark
“Christmas Will Not Be Coming This Year,” Trump Declares, “Santa Claus Has Been Deported” (Humor)

Alex Clifford
Marilyn Monroe (Poetry)

Ben Connor
The Oracle (Short Story)

Caroline Cook
The Matriarchy (Novel Writing)

Hailee Cook
Snow (Poetry)

Taylor Crayton
When a Black Girl Gives Birth (Poetry)

Alyson Del Pino
Summer Rain (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Jayasurya Dileep
The End (Science Fiction & Fantasy)

Jeremy Donahue
Man Eater (Drawing & Illustration)

Jori Dudzikowski
liam (Painting)Sarah Ferguson
Six Words, One Thousand Stories (Flash Fiction)

Anuva Goel
Language and Power: The Keys to Influence (Critical Essay)

Megan Gonzalez
Black Lives Matter (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Talia Gordon
Farewell (Poetry)

Seth Gozar
Chacha’s  Pamilya (Flash Fiction)

Leila Grillo
Jet (Photography)

Jaclyn Grimm
Of Bees and Brothers (Poetry)

Danielle Gruber
A Moment of Clarity (Flash Fiction)

Chasity Hale
Jazz in the Park (Poetry)

Shelby Hanna
Market Rooftop (Printmaking)

Makiyah Harris
The Llovenia Effect (Science Fiction & Fantasy)

Samuel Harris
The Absurd Plight of Stick-Man Steve (Flash Fiction)

Ali Hassani
Windowpane (Flash Fiction)

Omer Hatim
A Muslim in Christendom (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Krupa Hegde
Night 10 (Flash Fiction)

Henry Hicks
Bombs Away (Poetry)

Jennifer Horsburgh
On Ableism: No Sacrifice People (Critical Essay)

David Hou
Sonata No. 2 (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Allison Huang
When Freud Gets It Wrong (Dramatic Script)

Alexandra Karaim
Funeral for a Childhood Friend (Poetry)

Bronwyn Katz
Loves Me Not and Tropicana (Printmaking)

Amir Khadar
Unsolicited Advice to a Gay Boy in the Back of a Classroom Who Can’t Say No (Poetry)

Masfi Khan
Heirloom (Poetry)

Chloe Kim
Shock Therapy (Poetry)Elizabeth Lee
Galvanizer (Poetry)

Christina Lewis
To Look Like My Mother (Poetry)

Andrew Li
The Room Across the Hall (Flash Fiction)

David Liang
Quite A Poetic Tragedy (Flash Fiction)

Cameron Lipp
Death and a Daylily (Science Fiction & Fantasy)

Katherine Liu
Fox, Transformed (Poetry)

Kelley Liu
Peel (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Morgan Lloyd
A Heaven of Hell (Science Fiction & Fantasy)

Joyce Lu
Family of Four (Poetry)

Juliet Lubwama
Sugared (Poetry)

Chloe Manville
Empty Warmth (Painting)

Gabriela Mernin
Not Tonight (Flash Fiction)

Darian O’Neil
Strawberry Swing (Short Story)

Mehreen Pasha
The Invincibility Card (Poetry)

Io Perl-Strahan
Nina (Drawing & Illustration)

Abey Philip
I’ll Take A Little Bit of Everything (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Lindsay Pierce
Hands Off My Identity: Dealing With Difference in a Diversifying Community (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Susannah Pittman
Daughter calls it “Done” (Poetry)

Hudson Quinn
Omaha (Novel Writing)

Gayatri Rajan
Trolls (Poetry)

Jess Rankin
Five Cigarettes I’ll Probably Buy Again (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Kayla Reado
The Swamp Monster of Bayou Genesis (Short Story)

Nicholas Rex
Lonely Boy (Photography)

Sage Robinson
The Blind Old Hag (Poetry)

Alexa Russell
My Elephant and Me (Personal Essay & Memoir)Samina Saifee
Veils of Expectation: The Myth of the Model Minority (Critical Essay)

Camila Sanmiguel
The Sanctification of an Eight-Year-Old (Poetry)

Danial Shadmany
My Boy (Flash Fiction)

Priansh Shah
Code Literacy (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Lydia Shaw
Tracks (Short Story)

Danielle Sherman
Comparing the Societies of Fahrenheit 451 and Modern America (Critical Essay)

Ciara Sing
Melancholy (Poetry)

Wah Soe
Ocular Phantasm (Drawing & Illustration)

Claude Stikeleather
Ghost House 2: The Reckoning (Drawing & Illustration)

Johnathan Stimpson
A Collection of Current Event Satires (Humor)

Liam Swift
The Sky at 5 a.m. (Novel Writing)

Hazel Thomas
Genesis (Science Fiction & Fantasy)

Anthony Vu
The Nobility of Death (Critical Essay)

Max Wang
Joey (Flash Fiction)

Kaliah White
April Showers (Short Story)

Susan Wie
Viva la Social Media (Journalism)

Alixandra Wilens
A Good Heart (Personal Essay & Memoir)

Daquon Wilson
State of Emergency (Poetry)

Sam Zanowski
Space Station (Comic Art)

Annie Zhang
The Role of the United Nations in Combating Human Trafficking (Critical Essay)

Estella Zhou
The China Bird (Short Story)

Sara Zoroufy
Coexisting: The Joys and Burdens of Hediyeh Azizi (Journalism)