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Scholastic Art & Writing Awards - Alliance for Young Artists & Writers


Summer Scholarships

About the Program

The Scholastic Awards Summer (SAS) Scholarship Program provides teens who have been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards an opportunity to attend summer art or writing programs on a full-tuition scholarship.

Teens do not apply for specific summer programs; instead, they apply for a SAS scholarship, and we work with our partners to place scholars into a program that will work best for them based on their availability, location, and interests.


For summer 2024, teens presently in grades 7–11 who received a Gold or Silver Key in the 2023 Scholastic Awards will be considered for a SAS Scholarship.

For summer 2025 and beyond, teens in grades 7–11 who received a Gold or Silver Key in that same year will be eligible to apply for a SAS scholarship. Individual summer programs may set additional eligibility criteria.

How to Apply

No application is needed to apply for a SAS scholarship in 2024. If you are selected to receive a SAS scholarship, you will be notified by the Scholastic Awards starting in April 2024. The individual summer program may request that you complete an additional application.