Civic Expression Award

About this Special Achievement Award:

The Civic Expression Award, underwritten by the Maurice R. Robinson Fund, provides six students whose works best promote responsible civic life with $1,000 scholarships.

What is civic engagement?

Civic engagement requires community members to be informed about their rights and responsibilities, to appreciate the history and fundamental processes of American democracy, to recognize and be respectful of different views, and to seek to solve problems on behalf of the public good.

Works by artists and writers shape their communities’ understanding of issues and articulate the possibilities of what their world could become.


Download a flyer to share with students and educators.

How to Apply:

During the online submission process, opt in for consideration by responding to the Civic Expression Award prompt. Click here to apply.

Congratulations to our 2019 recipients!

Sabine Croy, Sabrina Guo, Isabella Newman, Sigourney Robinson, Lanyce Williams, and Tiffany Zheng

SABINE CROY, How We Raise Our Children, Photography. Grade 10, Carroll High School, Fort Wayne, IN. Civic Expression Award