Scholastic Awards Summer Scholarship FAQ

What is a SAS Scholarship?

Scholastic Awards Summer (SAS) scholarships cover the full-tuition for a summer art or writing program. These scholarships are provided through a special agreement between the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers and its many program partners. SAS scholarships do not include travel funds or material costs.

Students do not apply for specific summer programs; instead, they apply for a SAS Scholarship, and we work with our partners to place students into a program that will work best based on their availability, location, and interests.

How do I apply?

SAS applications will be available through your student dashboard when you log in at between February 1 and March 12. The SAS application deadline is March 12, 2019. There is no fee to apply.

Who is eligible for a SAS Scholarship?

Students in grades 7–11 who receive a Gold or Silver Key in the 2018 Scholastic Awards are eligible. If a student is not eligible, they will not have access to the application in their student dashboard.

Individual programs may set additional criteria, including household income restrictions or grade level requirements.

Should I independently apply to the specific program I want to attend?

Students who receive a SAS Scholarship will be placed into a program that matches their availability and interests. You do not need to apply to the specific program that you want to attend. However, not everyone who applies for a SAS Scholarship will receive one. We encourage you to apply to other programs and opportunities when making your summer plans in case you do not receive a SAS Scholarship.

Do I get to pick which program I attend?

Students do not choose a specific program. Instead, we work with our SAS Partners to place students into a program based on availability and interests. During the application, you and a parent or guardian will answer questions about the dates that you are available, the types of classes you want to take, if and where you are available to travel, and what your top three preferred programs are. We will take all of this into consideration when placing students into programs with a SAS Application.

When will I find out if I received a SAS Scholarship?

We received more than 1,100 SAS applications. We’re currently working with our partners to place students into programs, but spaces are limited. We have begun notifying students individually by email on a rolling basis as scholarship decisions are made. We will continue notifying students individually until all spaces are filled over the next two to three weeks. In the meantime, we encourage you to apply to as many summer opportunities as possible. Most of our summer partners are still accepting applications and may have other opportunities available. Visit for a list of partners and links to their websites.

Is there a household income requirement?

Financial need is strongly considered when awarding SAS Scholarships. The specific limit on household income may vary between summer programs. In the Parent/Guardian Questionnaire, your parent or guardian will provide some basic information about your household income and will also have the opportunity to explain additional circumstances that may be considered when awarding a SAS Scholarship.

Do SAS Scholarships include housing?

Some participating programs provide housing, and some do not. Housing is included in the SAS Scholarship for those that do. Students will not be placed in a program that is far away from them unless that program includes housing.

What if I want to attend a program that isn’t on the list?

We are always looking for new program partners! If you know about a great summer program, let us know at and we will invite them to participate.