Daniel Blokh

Grade 12
Birmingham, AL
Southeast Region

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Daniel Blokh is a senior at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham, AL. His work often concerns his Russian-Jewish immigrant parents and his experience as a first-generation American. Daniel writes to make something more of lonely and difficult experiences, using the lyrical possibilities of poetry to convey to readers those feelings that surpass logic. His work has won Princeton’s Lawrence L. Milberg Poetry Prize and been published in the “Kenyon Review,” “Cosmonaut’s Avenue,” “Cleaver,” “Permafrost,” “Blueshift,” and more. Daniel is the author of the creative nonfiction book “In Migration” (BAM! Publishing, 2017) and two poetry chapbooks, “Holding Myself Hostage in the Kitchen” (Lit City Press, 2017) and “GRIMMENING” (Diode Editions, 2018).