Can I submit more than one work, submit works to more than one category, or submit both art and writing?

Generally there is no limit to the number of works you may submit, with the exception of Photography and Portfolio. Each student is allowed to submit 16 works in the Photography category, and two art and two writing portfolios. Please be aware that photos added to portfolios will count toward the 16 work limit. The Portfolio category is open to 12th graders only.

Students may submit different works to multiple categories, but are not allowed to submit the same work to more than one category.

Submission guidelines may vary for art and writing in each region. Please visit your regional webpage for specific Guidelines & Deadlines.

Can a portfolio submission include a variety of media (paintings, photographs, video clips) or genre (poetry, short story, personal essay)?

Portfolio submissions consist of eight works that can come from one category or any combination of multiple categories. Art portfolios may only contain works from art categories, and writing portfolios are limited to writing categories. Students may submit two art portfolios and two writing portfolios, but all works must be unique and the same work cannot be submitted in both portfolios.

Novel Writing, Video Game Design, and Future New works cannot be included in portfolio submissions.

Are there word limits for writing?

Yes, word limits vary depending on the category. If your work exceeds the word limit of a category, please submit a shortened version of the work.

Can I submit both a portfolio and works in individual categories?

Yes, students may submit a work to both portfolio and individual categories. Remember to indicate on your dashboard if a work should be considered portfolio only, or as both a portfolio and individual submission. The Portfolio category is only available to 12th graders.

If I created my work with two different media (e.g., pencil and paint), is that considered mixed media?

No, mixed media consists of collage or assemblage where materials protrude from the 2D plane. A work done with two different media should be classified by the dominant media. For example, a drawing completed mostly in pencil with some painted elements should be submitted in the Drawing & Illustration category.

How do I choose which works to include in my art or writing portfolio?

Students should submit works that best exemplify originality, technical skill, and emergence of a personal vision or voice. Please read the category descriptions for specific portfolio submission criteria.