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I created my work independently. Do I have to list an educator?

Even when works are created independently, students are required to enter their day school and have their submission forms signed by someone at school. The person who signs the form can be an educator or a guidance counselor at school who is familiar with the student’s work. The signature indicates that this instructor has reviewed the work and can attest to the originality and authenticity of the work.

Where do I find the submission forms?

Submission forms are generated through your Scholastic Awards account. The forms will be generated after all profile information has been entered and work has been uploaded. Signed forms must be mailed. We don’t accept submission forms via email or fax.

What are the submission fees?

$5.00 per individual submission and $20.00 per portfolio submission.

What should I do if I can’t afford the submission fee?

Fee Waiver Forms are available to students for whom fees are a barrier to participation. Complete the form and submit it with your submission form.

How do I know which region I’m in? Where do I submit my work?

Students submit works to an Affiliate Partner who manages the Scholastic Awards program in their region. To find your Affiliate Partner, visit the Guidelines & Deadlines page. Gold Key awarded works will automatically advance to national judging.

Can I make changes to my work after the submission deadline has passed?

No, students and educators can no longer edit works online after the submission deadline.

Can work be submitted as a group collaboration?

Collaborative submissions are accepted in the following categories only: Film & Animation and Video Games. Up to 5 collaborators can be added per submission.

All collaborators must meet all eligibility criteria (in grades 7–12 (ages thirteen and up) and enrolled in public, private, home school, or other educational program in the U.S., U.S. territories, Canada, and American Schools abroad).

One team member creates an account, uploads the work, and lists all collaborators. Collaborators who are not listed will not be recognized.

If the submission receives a Scholastic Award, each collaborator will receive individual certificates and medals.

Are there size limitations for submitted artwork?

While there are no size limitations for art submissions, oversized works may not be displayed at regional and national exhibitions.

What size should my image be?

Uploaded images should have a print resolution of 300dpi and the file size should be around 3MB–5MB. If you are unable to provide your file at “Excellent” print quality then upload the best quality you have.

What are the art and writing deadlines for my region?

Submission deadlines range from December to January and vary by region. To find your regional deadline, visit the Guidelines & Deadlines page.

How do I tag my work?

To tag a work, click on the text field in the “Tag your work” section of the work upload process. Type in a word that represents your work and press enter to add it as a tag. If your preferred tags don’t appear in the suggestions drop-down menu, you can continue to type your tag words. Five tags are allowed per work.

To change a tag you’ve added, click one of the tag “balloons” that appear at the top of the section to remove it, type in a new tag, and press enter.

How do I include my novel in my writing portfolio?

Follow these four steps to include a novel in your portfolio:

  1. Upload your novel excerpt in the Short Story category.
  2. Include the words “NOVEL EXCERPT” in the title of the work.
  3. Save and return to your dashboard and check the box for “I plan to submit this work as part of a portfolio only.”
  4. Add the new Short Story submission to your writing portfolio.

These instructions are only if you want to include your novel in your portfolio. You must upload your novel in the Novel category if you want it to be judged individually, as well.


Can I submit more than one work, submit works to more than one category, or submit both art and writing?

Generally there is no limit to number of submissions for any categories, with the exception of Photography and Portfolio. Each student is allowed to submit 16 works in the Photography category, and two art and two writing portfolios. The Portfolio category is open to 12th graders only.

Students may submit different works to multiple categories, but are not allowed to submit the same work to more than one category. Submission deadlines may vary for art and writing in each region.

Please visit your regional webpage for specific guidelines and deadlines.

Can a portfolio submission include a variety of media (paintings, photographs, video clips) or genre (poetry, short story, personal essay)?

Portfolio submissions consist of eight works that can come from one category or any combination of multiple categories. Students may submit two art portfolios and two writing portfolios, but all works must be unique and the same work cannot be submitted in both portfolios.

Video Game Design and Future New works cannot be included in art portfolio submissions.

Novels can be included in writing portfolios, but students must follow special instructions in order to add them to portfolios.

Are there word limits for writing?

Yes, word limits vary depending on the category. If your work exceeds the word limit of a category, please submit a shortened version of the work to the Scholastic Awards.

Can I submit both a portfolio and works in individual categories?

Yes, students may submit to both portfolio and individual categories. Remember to indicate on your dashboard if a work should be considered portfolio only, or as both a portfolio and individual submission.

If I created my work with two different media (e.g., pencil and paint), is that considered mixed media?

No, mixed media consists of collage or assemblage where materials protrude from the 2D plane. A work done with two different media should be classified by the dominant media. For example, a drawing completed mostly in pencil with some painted elements should be submitted in the Drawing & Illustration category.

How do I choose which works to include in my art or writing portfolio?

Students should submit works that best exemplify originality, technical skill, and emergence of a personal vision or voice. Please read the category descriptions for specific portfolio submission criteria.


Can I re-submit a work that I submitted to the Scholastic Awards in a previous year?

Previously awarded works can be re-submitted only as part of a portfolio. Works that did not earn a Regional or National Award in previous years may be re-submitted to individual categories if they have been edited significantly.

Can I submit my Scholastic Awards submission to another program at the same time?

If you plan to submit work to another awards program or publication, review their rules first to confirm that they are willing to share rights and will not hold exclusive rights to your work. In the case that your work receives a Scholastic Award, it must be free to use in our publications or exhibitions.

Can I submit work that has been previously published, exhibited, or recognized by another program?

If your work has been previously published, exhibited, or recognized by another program, confirm that they do not hold exclusive rights to your work before submitting it to the Scholastic Awards. In the case that your work receives a Scholastic Award, it must be free to use in our publications or exhibitions.

What is your plagiarism policy?

Students are encouraged to submit works that are original and unique to their voice and/or vision. For more information about the Scholastic Awards Copyright & Plagiarism policy, review the links below.

Video explaining originality

Copyright & Plagiarism Policy

Participation Terms

Do I need to submit a consent form from the subject(s) in my work?

You are responsible for getting consent from individuals who are recognizable in your work. By signing the submission form, you indicate you have their permission. You don’t have to submit a separate form.