My National Award

My National Award

What are national awards?

Gold Medal, Silver Medal, Gold Medal Portfolio, Silver Medal with Distinction Portfolio, Silver Medal Portfolio, American Visions & Voices Medal, Best-in-Grade Award, Civic Expression Award, The ESA Foundation Award for Video Game Design, The Herblock Award for Editorial Cartoon, New York Life Award, One Earth Award, and The Alliance ACT-SO/Journey Award.

What do students receive if they earn a National Medal?

National Medalists receive certificates and medals and are considered for national exhibition, publication, and scholarship opportunities. Gold and Special Achievement Award Medalists are also invited to attend the annual National Events in New York City.

Are students who earn National Medals eligible to receive scholarships?

Yes, sixteen graduating seniors are chosen to receive the Gold Medal Portfolio Award, which is accompanied by a $10,000 scholarship. Silver Medal Portfolio with Distinction scholarships of $1,000 are also given to select Award recipients as determined by the national portfolio panel. Additional scholarships are provided annually through our Special Achievement Awards.

Seniors earning Gold Medals in individual categories, Silver Medal with Distinction Portfolio, and Gold Medal Portfolio award recipients are eligible for additional scholarship consideration from the Alliance’s Scholarship Partners. To take advantage of additional scholarship opportunities provided by these colleges and universities, students need to have already applied and been accepted.

How do you determine which students receive scholarships for portfolios?

Portfolios are blindly adjudicated. The top 1% are then presented to a scholarship committee, which awards sixteen $10,000 Gold Medal Portfolio scholarships (eight writing and eight art). Additional $1,000 scholarships are given to students earning Silver Medal with Distinction Portfolios. The committee consists of Alliance staff, board members, and national partners. They consider a number of factors when selecting scholarship recipients, including: type of school (private, public, etc.), household income, geography, gender, and ethnicity.

If I earn a National Medal, will my work be published?

Works that receive a National Medal are displayed in the Scholastic Awards online gallery.

A selection of National Medalist works will be included in the Scholastic Awards’ publications, including the National Catalog and The Best Teen Writing. Students are notified when their work is published and will receive a copy of the publication in which their work appears.

If I earn a National Medal, will my artwork be exhibited?

A selection of works by National Medalists will be included in the National Exhibition in New York City. The exhibition includes works that received American Voices & Visions, Gold Medal Portfolio, Silver Medal with Distinction Portfolio, Gold Medal, and Special Achievement Awards. Writing submissions will be available on iPads at the exhibition. Due to space limitations, we are not able to exhibit the works of all medalists.

When will my artwork be returned?

Regional Exhibitions: Please contact your Affiliate Partner regarding art return from a regional exhibition.

National Exhibition: National Medal works may be requested and held by the national office of the Scholastic Awards for up to two years for additional exhibition possibilities. Please notify the Scholastic Awards if you move because the work will be returned to the student’s home address.

View the comic to see the 2-year lifecycle of your work, find out what happens when you ship it to NYC for the National Exhibition, and when to expect your work back.

Why do you hold National Medalist artwork for two years?

The Alliance works to secure additional opportunities for exhibitions beyond the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards National Exhibition. For example, work is exhibited at the U.S. Department of Education, the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences in Washington, D.C., and in the Art.Write.Now.Tour, which features works of art and writing at select venues across the country. Students will be notified if their work is shown in these special exhibitions.