Getting Started

Getting Started

Who can participate in the Scholastic Awards?

Participation in the Scholastic Awards is open to students enrolled in:

  • grades 7–12 (ages thirteen and up) for the 2018–19 school year;
  • public, private, home school, or other educational programs in the United States, U.S. territories, Canada, and American schools abroad.

Work created in the spring semester of 2018 is eligible for submission, so long as the student hasn’t graduated. Students should submit in their current grade level. Seniors who will graduate mid-term in December 2018 may participate.

How do I submit my work?

To see the step by step submission process, visit the How to Enter page.

The submission process for Special Achievement Awards is the same as for regular submissions. In the student’s Scholastic Awards account, there is a step in the work upload process titled “Special Awards” where the student can click a checkbox indicating which Special Achievement Award they want their work to be considered for. The submission deadline for Special Achievement Awards is the same as the deadline in your region.

What information will I need to create an account?

To create your account you’ll need:

  • Your Name
  • Your Grade
  • School Zip Code
  • A Valid Email Address

To complete your profile, we’ll ask for:

  • Home Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Parent/Guardian Name
  • Date of Birth

We’ll also ask for some demographic information and additional contact information so that your parents or guardians can stay informed, but these fields are not required.

Are educators required to create an account?

We strongly encourage all educators to create a Scholastic Awards account, though they are not required to do so. Educators with accounts have the ability to create, edit, view, and monitor the registration and submission progress of their students online.

Educators of National Medalists will not be able to reserve National Ceremony tickets or receive their educator award if they do not have an account.

Can a student submit work without an educator present?

Yes, students can create a profile and upload work on their own as long as they have their educator’s full name and email address. After uploading work online, students must print their submission forms and have an educator review and sign the forms.

How should I select my school if I am enrolled in an online school, home school network, or long distance program?

Students enrolled in online or virtual schools, home school networks, or other long-distance learning programs should check the “home schooled” box instead of adding a school to their Scholastic Awards account.

Online schools, home school networks, or long distance programs can be added as an Other Educational Program (OEP) after creating an account. This will allow students to link OEP educators to their submission.

Why is a valid email address required for participation in the Scholastic Awards?

The Scholastic Awards will email you important information regarding submission deadlines, award notifications, and additional opportunities. Be sure to enter an email address you check frequently.

My school isn’t on the list. What do I do?

Search for your school by typing in the school’s zip code into the search field. If the school doesn’t appear on the drop down menu, click “Can’t find school, click here” at the bottom of the menu.

Enter your school information into the form that appears on your screen. When you are finished, click the “CREATE” button.  The system will search for your school once more. If you don’t see it in the final list, click the option to add the new school you entered. Please allow 2 to 3 business days for the request to be processed. You will be contacted if there are any issues.

Can international students apply?

Students in Canada, a U.S. territory, or a U.S. accredited American school abroad may submit work to the Scholastic Awards. Foreign exchange students who are temporarily residing in the U.S. may participate if they are attending an American school.

I have an account, but can’t remember my email or password. What do I do?

Click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

Is there a specific theme students have to address?

There are no themes for Scholastic Awards submissions, with the exception of Special Achievement Awards. For general submissions, students are free to explore any topic they choose.

I created my work at a program outside of school. Should I enter the school I attend or the program where my work was created?

Students are required to create an account linking their day school and will be able to add one out of school program as an Other Educational Program (OEP) when entering works. The Scholastic Awards are not in a position to determine what constitutes an OEP because many of the educational spaces in which students are creating work outside of school are not easily defined.

In our exhibitions, publications, and notifications, we focus on highlighting students’ demographic information (grade, age, city, and state) along with their school. OEP names will not be listed, but educators from the OEP will still be listed if that is what the student has requested.