What is the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers?

The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, identifies teenagers with exceptional artistic and literary talent and brings their remarkable work to a national audience through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The Alliance provides opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships. Each year, the Alliance partners with more than 100 Affiliate Partners across the country to bring the program to local communities. Teens in grades 7–12 can apply in 29 categories of art and writing for the chance to earn scholarships and have their works exhibited or published.

What are the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards?

Established in 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are the nation’s largest, longest-running, most prestigious visual and literary arts program recognizing creative accomplishments of students in grades 7–12. It is a symbol of excellence that can bolster resumes, college applications, and scholarship applications. All National Medalists earn a place on the National Medalist recipient list. Selected works will be featured in the National Catalog, The Best Teen Writing anthology, and the Art.Write.Now exhibition program.

Receiving a Scholastic Award offers the opportunity for scholarships. At the regional level, seniors who receive Awards have access to more than $3.5 million in scholarships from local institutions. At the national level, $10,000 scholarships are given to 16 graduating seniors whose portfolios earn Gold Medals. Silver Medal with Distinction Portfolio recipients receive $1,000 scholarships. Seniors who earn these honors can leverage partial to full-ride scholarships from a network of 60 arts universities and institutes, which annually earmark $5 million in additional support.

What are Affiliate Partners?

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards are presented in local communities by our Affiliate Partners, a dedicated network of more than 100 organizations across the country. Affiliate Partners support educators, students, and parents when submitting work; organize local judging by professional artists and writers; recognize students at public ceremonies; and showcase awarded work through exhibitions, publications, and readings. Affiliate Partners also submit their Gold Key works for consideration at the national level.

What is the Region-at-Large program?

Students who live in areas that do not have an Affiliate Partner can participate in the Awards at the regional level through Region-at-Large. They have the same opportunity to earn Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention Awards, as well as have their works advance to the national level; however, there are no local ceremonies or exhibitions.

Are there opportunities for Alums of the Scholastic Awards?

Yes! We are always looking for Alums of the Scholastic Awards to participate as regional or national jurors. If you are interested in being a juror, please complete our online form.

Join our Alumni LinkedIn Group for Alumni opportunities and view our contact page for more ways to stay in touch with the Scholastic Awards.

My work received a Scholastic Award and now another organization wants to publish it. How do I credit the Scholastic Awards?

Please use the language below to grant permission to other publications to publish works that received a Scholastic Award. 

The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers hereby grants your organization permission to reprint the following work:

[title of work]

The Alliance for Young Artist & Writers requests that the work be credited to the Alliance in the following manner:

© Alliance for Young Artists & Writers/Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Used with permission.

Please send a copy of the publication, or a link to the work online, once it has been published.

Physical copies can be mailed to:

Alliance for Young Artists & Writers
557 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

I saw a piece of student work that I’d like to buy. Can you send me the student’s contact information or contact them on my behalf?

The Alliance does not participate in the sale of student works, nor are we able to give out student contact information.